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Patio Shade

Patio shade sun screens, also known as roller shades are an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors year round. Patio sun screens provide numerous benefits to include:

  • Cooler Living Space: our shading products block up to 90% of the suns harmful rays
  • Outdoor Pleasure: Our sun shades provide minimal impact on views while providing a cooler environment for your enjoyment.
  • Bug protection: Say goodbye to bugs, mosquitoes and other annoying insects.
  • Ease of Use: Our sun screens and roller shades have motorized options that allow you to raise and lower your shades with the push of a button.
  • Privacy: A unique benefit of our sunscreens is that they provide an additional level of privacy for your outdoor living space.

Exterior Window Shades

Exterior window shades provide energy efficient shading solutions to keep your home cooler in those hot summer months. Reduce AC loads and save money on your cooling costs.

  • Block 90% of sun harmful rays
  • Save on cooling costs
  • Keep your views
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Motorized options for ease of use
  • Aesthetically pleasing with numerous colors available